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Emergency Escape Hammer

    Emergency escape hammer


    Emergency Escape Hammer

    Be Smart Get Prepared – Auto Emergency Escape Hammer

    • Features Window breaker with protective cover, and flat hammer
    1.  Remove safety cap and use the pointed steel-tipped hammer to smash through windshields or windows to give an escape route (shield your eyes and face from glass)
    2. Use flat hammer head to clear broken glases
    • Perfectly designed for fast, effective action to release yourself and passengers from a crashed vehicle.
    • Life saving compact device, lightweight, handy, proven to work, easy to fit in glove box, or door pocket.


    Product Emergency Escape Hammer
    Part Number EEH
    Includes Hammer and Cradle for Hammer
    Dimensions 150mm x 65mm
    Description  Emergency Hammer to break glass
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