CUBE Shelving

The Cube Van Shelving System By Autosafe

With CUBE by Autosafe, developed to provide a great looking, cost-effective shelving system that is functional, attractive, easy to fit and serviceable!

It is a simple and quick to fit and very serviceable for trade operators. In effect, the Autosafe CUBE Shelving range aligns with our motto to ‘make it easy’ for its user.


Fully ADR 42/04 Compliant


Change shelving spacing,  height, angles, etc. with the turn of an Allen key.


Full shelving fit-out without one single penetration to the vehicle.

Download our Brochures below: Please note we do have shelving systems available for most popular commercial vans.


We understand that shelving is much more than an accessory. Our ongoing program of development and stringent checks ensure that you get the best each time.


Our CUBE shelving systems are designed following the highest safety protocols, crash tested in realtime and certified. Our extensive range is perfect for both commercial and personal use.

Easy fit

Our efficient van shelving system is perfectly suited for all brand vehicles. Our team offers free consultation on installing 'CUBE' safely in your vehicle model.

Easy Organising

With multiple storage options, our state of the art van shelving system helps in easy inventory management and facilitates easy access to all tools of trade.

Adjustable shelves

Our new shelving system gives you the versatility to customise shelf spacing, shelf angles, shelf height, mounts etc with a simple Allen key manoeuvre.

Coordinated units

We simplify storage struggles with drawer units. Customised to your requirements, our van drawers help store your prized items safe and secure.

Shelving Modules & Placements

Select which placements you would like

Drivers Side Front  |  Drivers Side Read  Passenger Side Rear

Select the modules to install in each of the placements

A  |  B  |  C  |  D  |  E  |  G  |  H  |  I  |  J  |  M

Select the correct size for your vehicle

Sizing can be found by click each individual module

Passenger Side - Rear

Select a Module for the passenger side rear. 

Drivers Side - Rear

Select a Module for the drivers side rear. 

Drivers Side - Front

Select a Module for the drivers side front. 

Shelving Products

Have a question about shelving? 


Yes, our van shelving system is easy to fit. However, we recommend you to get the shelves
professionally fitted, to save time and enjoy complete peace of mind.

This depends on the type of vehicle and its contours. An approximate is 1- 1.5 hours, if fitted by a skilled professional.

As with any vehicle fittings, regular maintenance is recommended for a long lasting performance. In addition to general cleaning and periodic checking of fasteners, it is ideal to check the mounting points on regular intervals. Please do not overload the shelves as it can place a considerable amount of stress on the vehicle’s cantrail.

For shelving and panels, we generally use 0.9mm and 1.6mm zinc plated steel. With a sleek powder coat finish, aesthetic design and versatile storage, our shelving systems are both modular and functional.

Yes you can! However, the condition of the product and its compatibility to your new vehicle play quite an important role. Get a professional evaluation done for complete peace of mind.

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