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Centurion Canopy

Aluminium Ute Canopy

The Utemaster Centurion Aluminium Ute Canopy is equipped with side doors to provide up to 50% more access than a standard canopy. The Utemaster Centurion Aluminium Canopy also has the best water sealing system on the market.
The patented slam locking system ensures that the Aluminium Canopy is easily locked. It can also be integrated with the vehicles central locking to operate at a click of the factory car key remote.
The optional Cantilever Rack provides easy access to the loading platform for ladders, pipes and much more.
Autosafe Industries holds pride of place as the expert Utemaster Ute Canopy supplier in Australia. We have a dynamic network of hubs in the most suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and other major cities. Our outstanding aluminium UTE canopies are available in various designs and sizes, regardless of the price range filter you apply!

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Centurion canopy on triton

Why choose our Utemaster Centurion Canopy?

Autosafe’s state of the art Utemaster canopies are all set to simplify your work set up.

Our experience speaks

Family owned and operated in Australia, Autosafe specialises in ideating and designing top of the line safety and storage UTE canopies to suit your needs. Our Utemaster canopies are strong, low maintenance and can protect all your camping gear.

Lightweight construction

Our canopies, made out of 1060 marine grade aluminium, are both lightweight and resilient. This helps you maintain the vehicle’s GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) well within the limits specified by the manufacturer.

Tough powder coating

Our Aluminium Ute canopies come with durable powder coating for a long lasting effect. In addition to embedding the paint into the surface effectively, it ensures that your canopy retains its flawless looks for a long time.

Our Aluminium Ute Canopies – Designed for Excellence

Our Ute canopies are designed with top-notch structural strength and flawless finish to promise longevity. They are constructed to provide our customers space to store and protect your toolboxes and equipment. Resilient, secure and equipped with side doors and fridge slides for easy access, our ute canopies are truly a class apart!

Our history

Since 1970, Autosafe specialises in ideating, manufacturing and installing superior vehicle fit-out solutions across Australia. Our superior finish Aluminium Ute canopies are a perfect medley of lightweight design and heavy duty durability suitable for all roads. They are constructed to provide maximum space and access to all trays and storage shelves. We are committed to offering state of the art vehicle safety and storage products at competitive rates!

Our team

Our team is our strength! Our professionals exude a consistent commitment towards innovation, quality and unmatched service. They play a vital part in transforming our client’s vehicles into valued assets through a carefully ideated and designed range of solutions for campers, technicians and all other customers. Our team regularly engages in research and development to upgrade the current world standard of utes that you can build or buy.


We have an extensive range of Aluminium UTI canopies to suit the most popular ute models. We have designed and built ute canopies for many of the standard vehicle models available. Therefore, you can easily order ute canopies if you know the size of your vehicle. Our trained technicians can guide you on the aluminium ute canopy that can be fitted on your vehicle.

You can, if you wish to combine your purchase with our fitting service. If you are not locally located, we offer stress-free freight to most major Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and suburbs. Due to their size, the order cannot be door delivered. Instead, we deliver to our depot nearest to your location. We have a network of offices in VIC and QLD suburbs. Talk to our team for more details about the sale or build of the ute canopy.

Yes, Aluminium is indeed lightweight. But, our ute canopies are made out of 1060 Grade Aluminium which makes them perfect for heavy-duty usage. The internal frame, ute trays, spare wheel carriers and any upgrade you require in the aluminium ute are made with high-quality, heavy-duty aluminium.

Unfortunately we do not! The reason is that it takes us a considerable amount of time and efforts to ideate and bring each product to life. That said, there is something for everyone in our wide range of canopies. If you are a large corporate and would like to order in bulk, we would be happy to offer customised solutions.

You can add items to your ute according to your requirement including ladder holders, whale tail locks, spare wheel carriers, fridges, camping gear, etc. While we don’t offer customization for individual customers or campers, we can try to make provisions for any unique features you may want to be designed, built and fitted to your aluminium ute canopies. Contact our team for more details if you want to order unique features in your utes that suit your space needs.

Though the recommended industry average is between 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm. We usually opt for 2.5 mm Aluminium for aluminium ute canopies strength and durability. Similar dimensions are used for ute trays and internal frames.

We offer a professional TIG finish. We use only superior stainless steel hinges and gas struts which provide durability, rust-free performance and longevity to the canopies. 

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