Cargo Barriers

Australia Standards Certified Cargo Barriers

With full seat tractability and a 5 year guarantee, you will be restful in the knowledge that your vehicle is fitted with the very best equipment that is on offer in motor vehicle protection.

Cargo Barriers are made in Melbourne using superior parts from authorised dealers in Australia. Our Cargo Barriers are available anywhere in Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane. 

Cargo Barrier by Autosafe

19 x 19 ERW semi bright steel tube


3.15 Truform welded mesh wire for optimum weld strength


Mesh welds tested for penetration to AS/NZ 4034.1:2008

Autosafe Cargo Barriers

Right from its inception in 1970, Autosafe Industries has specialised in the manufacturing of state of the art cargo barriers to enhance the occupant safety provisions in vans and cars. From SUVs and 4WDs to commercial vehicles and vans, our extensive range of cargo barriers are custom designed for different wheelbases, contours and roof heights. The goal of each is to secure your cargo and protect any backseat passengers or family in case of a sudden braking event.

Made in Melbourne using superior parts from authorised dealers in Australia, our range of cargo barriers are built, tested and certified to meet the Australian standards. We also offer a wide range of rear racks and dividers for flexible storage.

Cargo Barrier Products

  • cargo barrier fiat doblo jul 2017 current
  • Cargo barrier citroen berlingo mar 2009
  • cargo barrier fiat doblo jul 2017 current
  • Cargo barrier fiat ducato feb 2007-current

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Autosafe Cargo barriers are much more than car accessories. The cargo barrier you use in Australia should comply with the current standard AS4034.1:2008. The barriers must have the design strength to remain intact even when a single mass load of around 60 kg is pushed against it at a force equivalent to a 48km per hour frontal crash. The primary objective of these standards is to ensure the driver and passenger remain safe from internal collision.

Failure to use the AS4034.1 rated barriers will make the company executive liable for prosecution if his employee sustains any injuries while operating the vehicle. It is also important to note that it is not ethical to put lives at risk inadvertently.

Yes, if the excess weight is nominal! In this case, place the cargo against the rear face of the cargo barrier. This will reduce the impact energy on the cargo barrier. If your requirements are beyond that of our common load rating specifications, we would be happy to give you custom made cargo barriers. Talk to our team to find which Autosafe cargo barrier is perfect for your car.

A rating label is the best way to determine compliance. If a cargo barrier meets the regulations specified in AS4034.1, a rating label specifying the same will be attached to the cargo barrier. Always check the label before making a purchase decision from the market.

If the rating label doesn’t mention AS4034.1, it means that the cargo barrier doesn’t fully meet the standard regulations specified. However, there might be partial compliance. Talk to the dealer to get more clarity.

We do not recommend modifying the Autosafe cargo barrier or using alternative anchorage points to mount your cargo barrier! In addition to voiding the warranty and rated capacity, it might compromise the safety aspects and lead to the risk of injury. We also do not recommend using second-hand cargo barriers or those whose primary attraction is their sale price. It is recommended that you don’t add items and car accessories like shelving, sealed barriers and cargo barriers without the expert’s help. These cargo area dividers can’t be safe and can diminish the functionality of your cabin. Furthermore, they may not be able to protect the driver in the event of an accident.

We provide complete fitting instructions with our cargo barriers. We also offer training to ensure a safe installation in all vehicle cabins. The installation process can take up to 3 hours and involves aspects like sourcing the right installation components to suit your vehicle type and ensuring that the cargo barrier is installed and inspected to meet the standard A4034.1 regulations. So, we recommend entrusting the installation of the cargo barrier to a trained technician for complete peace of mind. This will ensure your car is safe and secure. No rough roads will affect a well-mounted cargo barrier.

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