A life saved by an Autosafe product

Autosafe Has prevented yet again an event that would have certainly ended in serious injury or worse.

This Dramatic Picture was sent to us by a satisfied customer of ours. ECL Group who purchased our barrier through a customer of ours, had a truck travelling at 80km/h hit them while they were stopped at an offramp.

Thankfully and very suprisingly the driver was unhurt thanks to the Cargo Barrier stopping the objects flying through into the cabin. Once again if it wasnt for an Autosafe Cargo Barrier the driver would have been seriously injured at the least

The manager has mentioned he wants this barrier standard all across their fleet.

The ‘Victorian Government Standard Motor Vehicle Policy’ states in section that in a fleet all wagons must have cargo barriers except when there is a third row of seats fitted.
Insist on your safety, it is your employer’s responsibilty!

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