Cube Shelving Crash Test

A Strong Pass for our Cube Shelving, Drawer Units and Cargo Barrier. Ensure your fleet is using compliant and tested products. Are you ensuring your fleet has the necessary safety products in place in the case of an accident?

This video is an eye opener of what damage loose items can cause in the back of a vehicle, loose items are much better stored in a lockable, safety complaint drawer unit . Cargo Barriers are essential! Imagine yourself sitting in that driver seat with no Cargo Barrier in place.

An extract from a recent Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) article: When a car stops suddenly in a crash, our seat belt holds us in place, but objects inside keep moving and can impact at up to 20 times the force of gravity. All of sudden a 1 litre water bottle carries the force of a 20kg object. Brief cases and heavy back packs can instantly turn into deadly weapons – severely increasing your risk of accident or even death.

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