Autosafe’s Covid-19 Action Plan

Autosafe is monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic closely and have plans and processes in place to move quickly.

Autosafe is using the following precautions to minimise the risk of exposure to all our team and those we do business with. Whilst we have always had strict hygiene practices and cleanliness standards in place, we are increasing the cleaning and sanitisation of our premises, particularly for high-contact areas and counters.

Below are additional measures that we have already implemented within our workplace.

  • Limit all team gatherings where possible.
  • No face to face meetings – telephone or video meetings to be conducted.
  • Any staff returning from international travel will be required to isloate.
  • All staff absent on sick leave will require a medical certificate of clearance to resume work.

Supply to Essential Services and our customers.

We are ready to move fast on your work! We do not see any delays in any of our work as we rely wholly on Australian suppliers and have a large in house manufacturing capacity.
If you need something done urgently we will be straight onto it for you.

Product Supply

Presently stock of all products is in good and steady supply. For some time we have been working towards procurement of raw materials from sustainable suppliers around the world to ensure our stocks remain strong. Autosafe is also well set up to manufacture much of our product lines if this was required.

Deliveries – Inwards and Outwards

At this point, you should notice very little, if any, differences to deliveries of your stock. Our production team is still fully operational, along with the sales and despatch departments, ensuring that we can get your orders to you in our usual time frames.

Trucks will continue to move in and out of our facility, however we have put in place additional precautions.

Outward Goods

There will be no access to our warehouse and we ask that all personnel carrying out pick ups enter via the Despatch Counter and not the warehouse. We have erected signs to direct you to the correct entrance.

Face to Face Meetings

We have suspended many of our face to face meetings as a precautionary measure to limit non essential contact with other people. However, we will still conduct meetings via remote screen share and this will be continued indefinitely.


In the event that it becomes necessary for any of our team to self isolate, we have remote access facilities so that, depending on their role, they can continue to carry on with their duties as normal.

Remember, we are here and all trying to work through the challenges that the next few weeks or even months will bring. Together we can do it and come out stronger!

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