5 Van and Ute Shelving Ideas

Do you love the idea of working from your van? 

Thinking about a long road trip? Or, maybe the van life is appealing to you. 

No matter the reason for your motivation to live out of your van, you do need to pay attention to the interiors if you are going to spend considerable time inside it. 

You will be almost living in it. 

Or, you might be using it to transport stuff. Maybe pharmaceuticals or FMCG? 

Whatever the case, the interior has to be just right- comfortable, safe, and efficient. Right? 

And if you think it is just about the right air conditioning and a seat, well, you might be in for a surprise you will rather not like. 

To save you time and efforts, here are some of the coolest van racking ideas that actually work. 

You won’t be reinventing the wheel, believe us. 

Just some right decisions about modifications. 

1. Get the right type of shelving system

Instead of going DIY, we strongly suggest you take the professional way.

They will help you choose the right type of shelving system. This is a basic necessity that makes a huge impact on your comfort.

The right type of shelving system has to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Systems available in the market are rarely both.

Hence, look out for someone who can customize it for you.

For instance, Autosafe has a unique CUBE shelving system that is super easy to fit, functional, pleasing, and COST EFFECTIVE.

Deriving its name from its cube shape, this ultimate shelving system stacks easily and space efficient.

You can go for aluminium shelves if you want something very light and welded into place.
Don’t want to compromise with durability? Go with steel.

It would be heavier than aluminium, beat this in mind.

Wood racking is great for people who want a personalized experience. You can customize them easily.

2. A false bed for comfort

If you are going to work out of your van, it makes sense to get false flooring done. It gives extra space and storage.

A false bed with access to the side and rear doors would be both luxurious and space efficient.

You can create access to the side and rear doors by using ply panels. The only downside with this is you will have a limited standing height in your van. So unless you are planning to play basketball in your van, you can go for a false flooring and bed.

3. Side door drawers rock

Guess the most efficient way to stay organized and functional? Drawers!

You need them in your van too if you do not want to keep losing stuff in the back of your own van. You can get a side door drawer built in the side door. This would give you easy access to all your essential tools.

Autosafe offers remarkable drawer units that are efficient and durable.

The 2.0 mm powder coated steel drawers can withstand up to 150 kilograms of load. Pretty impressive! Isn’t it? Plus, you can operate it smoothly without those irritating creaking noises we all had thought to be an acceptable part of drawer units.

But no more!

4. A slide-out workbench for the professionals

A column of solid plywood or panel van kits can do wonders for working professionals choosing to work from their vans.

Get a thick plywood with foldable legs fixed at the back of your van such that you can slide it out whenever you are in the mood for a snack or to work. Serves dual purpose!

5. A rain cover is a must

Whether you are using your van to transport pathological equipment or using it to create a peaceful outdoor work environment, you do need a customized rain cover to keep water out.

Nobody wants their expensive belongings ruined. Rear doors are perfect for this.

They provide rain covers the necessary support.

Hope these van racking ideas inspire you to reimagine your fleet.

Make sure you get a locked compartment to protect your expensive belongings and equipment from being stolen.

A heavy duty compartment with a sturdy lock will do the trick.

It might seem like a nuisance to open the lock every time you need something.

But it would definitely keep burglars out.

A tradeoff worth it!

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