Jason's Story

Anti-vapour partition - Customer testimonial

Jason's Story

Jason works for a pool maintenance company and was travelling to a job about three hours from home.  Jason went to over take a truck on the highway and whilst overtaking, a car towing a boat came on the wrong side of the road, to avoid this Jason quickly pulled behind the truck, the truck then locked its brakes to avoid the car towing the boat.

Jason went up the back of this truck at 110km/h. In the back of his Hyundai iLoad Jason had over 500kg of pool salts, as well as hydrochloric acids and tools. The Autosafe Industries Anti-Vapour Partition stopped all this cargo in the back from coming into the cabin.

As Jason says ‘The only thing I can think of that saved my life is the Autosafe Partition.’ The pictures show that not only did the partition stop the objects flying forward and killing Jason but stopped the roof around the cabin area collapsing which also certainly saved his life.  When looking for safety in your fleet look no further than Autosafe Industries. As with this case it just may be the one thing that saves your drivers life.

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