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How to Choose an Appropriate UTE Canopy?

A UTE Canopy adds space, functionality, and often even style to a utility vehicle. Due to its multiple uses it has a high demand, which makes it tough to find the right one for your vehicle. 

To add to the confusion, you can also customise it according to your needs. This makes it even harder to decide what you want and how to choose the right one for you. 

The variety of shapes, design, sizes, and colours make the process even more tedious. 

Here are guidelines to help simplify the process of choosing an appropriate UTE canopy.

1. Select the appropriate Canopy Style

There are different types of canopy styles. The most popular among them are full UTE canopy and part UTE canopy. 

Full UTE canopies are shaped like an enclosed box. They give complete protection from any external damage. Part UTE canopy is a blend of a canopy with a slide tray.

It is important to note that canopies are bought according to needs, and everyone doesn’t require a full one. Thus, it is essential first to identify your needs and proceed to decide on the style. 

2. Decide on the External Parts

Roof racks, tow-bars, ladder slides, gas bottle restraints, under tray boxes, tray roller drawers are some of the common external accessories. They add to the overall utility and efficiency of the vehicle and hence are considered important. For external parts, there is no one size fits all.

3. Decide on the Internal Accessories

Internal accessories include but are not limited to mesh dividers, load-resistant track kits, roof shelves, fire extinguishers. These help to increase the productivity of the vehicle. They help your canopy to hold up an entire rack of spares. Finalize the internal accessories required for your canopy by calculating your present and future needs.

4. Decide on the Electrical Components

Safety cameras, work lights, light locks, emergency lightings, inverters, and dual battery savers are important electrical components. The electrical accessories keep things under check. Understand your requirements and install these electrical accessories accordingly. 

Select the one you need after carefully reading about the uses of all the electrical components. These fittings are integral to choosing the perfect UTE canopy.

5. Consider adding Suspension Upgrades

The decision whether to add a suspension upgrade or not rests entirely upon you. If you transport heavy times regularly on your utility vehicle, it is best to consider a suspension upgrade. It adds to the safety and capacity of the vehicle.

An extra suspension spring also minimises damage to the goods being carried. 

Consider these guidelines before finalizing an appropriate UTE canopy. These pointers will help you choose a UTE canopy suited to your needs. Remember to first identify your present and future requirements before choosing one. 

If you feel deliberating on so many points is too much for you, Autosafe’s state-of-the-art UTE canopies are tailored to suit all your needs. Its lightweight construction, tough powder coating, secure canopy locking mechanism, eye comfort lighting, and waterproof system are designed to deliver the best to its owners. 

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