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How is a Canopy Attached to a Ute? – Ultimate Guide by Autosafe

Aluminium Ute Canopies are most popular because they provide excess storage space. While these are most common for tradies, they are extremely handy if you’re going camping and exploring Australia’s many amazing locations. They maximize the available space so that you can store all your necessary gear in an orderly fashion.

Available in various models and customizable options, canopies are the ideal gear if you want to start camping in the outback, touring various towns, or fitting out your company vehicle. These come with various additions, including electrical outputs, electrical appliance storage space, and drawers. 

How to install a canopy?

Installing a canopy may seem difficult, but it can be made easy. Given below is a step-by-step guide on canopy installation for your vehicle without the high expenses.

Step 1: Requirements

The biggest advantage of a canopy is that it can be customized to fit any need. With the right designer and R&D team, you can fulfill all your needs. But, before you visit any specialist retailer to install a custom-built or package canopy, you must have a basic idea of your needs. A ute canopy for tradies differs very much from those that are designed for camping enthusiasts. Therefore, it is important to understand your needs. What types of gear do you expect to carry in the canopy? 

Step 2: Measurements, sizes, and materials

Once you have an understanding of your basic requirements, visit an independent consultant or retailer to measure your ute. Canopies are made from three main elements – fibreglass, steel/aluminium, and canvas. Ready-made canopies and custom-built canopies are available for all types of vehicles and can be installed easily. However, these require accurate measurements, without which the vehicle can be over-or under-loaded.

Step 3: Selecting a type

There are two primary types of canopies available: ready-made and custom-built. 

  • Ready-made canopies usually take a short time to install because they follow a standard design. This process can take anywhere from 2 hours to a day. The retailer also doesn’t need to take extensive measurements because they have a set canopy for each vehicle model. 
  • Custom-built canopies require extensive work. They require individual measurements, then designing, and finally installations. This process usually takes about two days to a week, depending on what features you want, the materials, and the final installation. 

Which is better?

While both have their advantages and disadvantages, you should first see which one suits your needs more. Some retailers also provide customization on the ready-made canopy. Custom-built canopies are an excellent choice for merchants or business people who require their storage space to be arranged according to their needs. Prefabricated canopies are cheaper to install and are an ideal option if you don’t plan to use them on a day-to-day basis.

Step 4: Installation

Canopy installation requires professional experience and technicians because there is a lot that can go wrong. The canopy needs to be prepared first. You will have to organise the parts in order of installation. One wrong installation can easily cause you a huge setback.

The installation also requires waterproof adhesives, welding equipment, drill and small lifts. These materials can make a difference in the installation. Mounting the canopy onto the ute isn’t a one-person job and should generally be done with a team of three.

How to select the right canopy?

Canopies are available in various sizes and shapes. Each varies from retailer to retailer. This can create confusion because you may not know how to select the right canopy or install it properly. However, you can refer to the following pointers to understand whether you have installed the right canopy or not:

  1. The canopy should be water and dustproof to protect your gear from the elements. Not all canopies are waterproof, and therefore, you should check in advance.
  2. Canopies add extra weight to your vehicle. Before selecting a canopy, understand this added weight’s effect (and the gear you will store) on your vehicle.
  3. Not all canopies can be removed easily. Before installations, inquire about removing the same and any adverse effect it might have on the vehicle.

Look for a professional

Partnering with a professional will ensure you have a safe and long-lasting canopy. One of the best in the market is Autsafe Industries Utemaster Centurion Canopy. With outlets all over Australia, they provide excellent vehicle accessories, fitting, and installation services. They also provide excellent after-installation customer service.

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