Autosafe guarantee   Autosafe are committed to an extensive, ongoing program of testing and development. All of our products are subjected to a rigorous range of testing including impact, penetration and side curtain airbag compatibility testing, and of course the AS/NZS 4034.1:2008 Australian Standard, which is the most stringent standard in the world for Cargo Barrier compliance.

Our testing process includes a four part program to ensure optimum performance, premium quality and maximum safety in the event of a life threatening incident. Our simulated crash testing for cargo barriers is independantly approved and simulates a major vehicle collision with an loose object impacting the barrier at high speed. In addition to our own extensive quality and testing facilities, we use independent certified automotive engineers to certify our quality and testing procedures.

See details of Autosafe's 4 year warranty here.



  Autosafe Cargo Barrier Crash Test Simulation Process 

crash test 

  Autosafe pre crash testing Australia

  Autosafe cargo barrier fixed in test rig prior to
  impact test.

  Autosafe post crash testing Australia

Autosafe cargo barrier post successful impact test showing fixings held and within deformation parameters.




  Autosafe Information Typical Stopping Distances

 Autosafe braking distance chart Australia
Source: The distances shown are a general guide. The distance will depend on your attention (thinking distance),
the road surface, the weather conditions
and the condition of your vehicle at the time. Average car length = 4 metres.


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Experience, service & reliability, that's why.

The personnel of Autosafe have been involved in the development and manufacture of motor vehicle protection products since the late 1970’s and still continue to lead the market in development today.

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Back-up
  • Testing
  • Compliance
  • Development

We are committed to provide world class motor vehicle occupant protection products, for your safety.



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